So It Begins...

A Dragon and a Nixie

Xander McCormick and Nathanael Vyrm climb the mountain to speak with Lofwyr. He seems a little disappointed that we don’t have more information yet. He does however explains to Xander McCormick that he knew his true father and that he will be looking out for him. He also give us a new contact in the courts Perl. A nixie of the Summer Court.

Durring a walk Nathanael Vyrm spots a child that falls into the cold dark water. He jumps in an manages to pull the little girl from the bottom an get her to the shore and breathing again. Police and medics come and take care of the girl. A nice officer gives me a ride home and gives me his card.

Nathanael Vyrm gos back to the bridge that night and makes contact with Perl. She agrees to let him know if if she learns anything of the fae courts.


madscienceftw egoncasteel

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