So It Begins...

Back from Break

After coming back from the Olympics the group takes a much needed breather, in the form of a Major Milestone. Aspects are renamed, powers are looked at, skills are shuffled and the stakes are raised.

Riddick finds himself released from the Madison PD to be taken on with the FBI. Luckily working out of the Chicago field office gives him a long leash to continue working the Madison area.

Xander starts another semester after much fighting with his trouble magnet girlfriend.

Prof Vyrm calls it in as he heads up to the Twin Cities to work on something with Ivan.

John Constantine has been working in the local soup kitchen through the holiday season, getting odd looks from one of the homeless men named Nemo.

Cam’s life seems to be going along normally, which scares everyone in the group.

In case it wasn’t noted before, John has taken over Cam’s vacant room above the book store.

All of this takes a back seat to when after digging through some of the more X-files type case files Riddick reads between the lines and sees something dark and menacing is heading for Madison. He can’t tell specifically what it is but it is slowly making its way there. He tells Cam about it and Cam is able to take a crack at what it could be. Sounds like Mind Mojo. Calling upon Paddy Maclane with a cask of irish whiskey, Cam is able to pry out of him that what is heading this way could possibly be Black Court. Cam shares this info with the group much to everyones dismay. Cam contacts another Warden out towards Wyoming who tells him of how he had to put down a Warlock who had knowledge of mind fuckery way beyond what he should have been able to learn for himself.


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