So It Begins...

Cam uses his head

Nathanael Vyrm drives around town for a bit continueing to keep his eyes open. Then gos looking to see where in Madison he maybe able to enter the never never, and finds an opening he can use near the UW power plant. On the other side he find a “dragon’s cave” the mouth of the cave over looks a fairy tale village.

Cameron Macleod is potroling near the terrace and “saves” a girl from two groups approaching her. He flys down on a column of ice driving off the two groups of things in the darkness. After saving the girl she introduces her self as Valerie an emissary of the Greek gods. From Cam’s constant hard on most likely Aphrodite.

Seems that the real olympics are going to be held in the Madison area.

Cameron Macleod and Nathanael Vyrm tell there superiors of the games.

Lofwyr instructs Nathanael Vyrm and Xander McCormick to join the local team.

Cameron Macleod gets a package naming him captain of the local team. Nathanael Vyrm and Xander McCormick join and Vyrm calls Ivan to be coach.

Cameron Macleod gos to Revelations to see if Alexis Devini or Allen Devini want to join up. They agree.

Nathanael Vyrm recruits Perl to the team and Ivan starts coaching Xander McCormick


madscienceftw madscienceftw

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