So It Begins...


John Constantine is draw to Madison, and comes to Cameron Macleod shop. He helpfully send him over to Nathanael Vyrm to train with Ivan. Xander McCormick and John Constantine spar with one another until John a little out of it.

Nathanael Vyrm spends the day studying his books on original olimpics and Greek culture and debating.

Cameron Macleod comes over and has a test of wills with Ivan as a warm up for the games.

We all drive down to Willow Island
Vyrm’s jeepCameron Macleod, Nathanael Vyrm, Xander McCormick, Perl, Ivan
Toom’s Mobile Riddick Tooms
Virgin White Viper Alexis Devini, Allen Devini
in the back of a cop car John Constantine

We are invited through a portal to the never never. In the never never we are treated to a view of a Mt. Olympus themed area.

The teams a introduced

  • Madison
  • Werewolf
  • Ghoul
  • Olympians
  • Red court

We all settle in to our Olympic residents, a very posh cave. The “cave” host gets us a pond for Perl, Some virgin serving girls, Food and drink … everything we want except she doesn’t seem to know what cigarettes are so John is out of luck.


madscienceftw egoncasteel

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