Riddick Tooms


Base Refresh Level: 11
Adjusted Refresh: 2
FP left from last session: 6


Knight of the Faerie Court

Enforcer for the Winter Court

Deviant at heart

Exceeding Life’s Station
Their perception of me is key
The chosen season (Story title: The time of calling)
The higher court prevails (Story title: White court trumps Red court Bitches!)
You keep what you kill (Story title: Mount Horrible)

4 Alertness
2 Athletics
1 Burglary
1 Contacts
3 Conviction
3 Deceit
2 Discipline
2 Endurance
5 Guns
1 Intimidation
1 Investigation
3 Presence
1 Rapport
2 Stealth
1 Survival
4 Weapons

-4 Unseelie magic
-1 Marked for power (RESPECT from magic-types)
-2 In-human toughness (2 to physical stress)
+1 Catch – trappings of summer (negate extra 2 physical stress)
-2 In-human speed (
4 Alertness for Init, 1 for all Athletics [2 if running], -2 diff for Stealth, no -1 penalty for moving and acting)
-2 Item of power: Paired daggers (Weapon 1) with In-human strength (see power description)
+1 One-time discount

Physical (3+2)4
Mental (4)
Social (4)

Grand Am (red)
Street issued blue uniform
Home (933 Jenifer St, Madison, WI 53703)
- Garage (takes me just outside Arctis Tor)
High-end bow hunting gear (Weapon 3)
9mm Pistol (Weapon 2)
Scarified runes on my back
- courtesy of Mab (Winter Court Queen). She was frustrated with others and taking it out on me.

Alexis (White Court, her brother Allen owns a club downtown “Revelations”)
Allen (White Court, owns a club downtown, sis is Alexis, “tit for tat”, had 2 Malks)
Tiny (VIP area “bouncer” in “Revelations”)
Bruno (“bouncer” for Olympic Games, new me)


I was born in Alaska on Feb 6, 1932. My family had immigrated from the U.S.S.R. two generations prior. Father was killed at Pearl Harbor during WWII, so I never got much of a chance to know him. Mother became obsessed with Catholicism and forced the religion on me. I noticed the opportunities to bend (or break) rules when other people perceived me as a trustworthy kid. I began to rebel late in high school, and joined the USMC to escape mother. I thrived in the cold weather, and survived the battle at Chosin Reservoir. A year later (age 19), the Mountain Warfare School was built and I was selected as an instructor. About 3 years later (age 23), I was the lead instructor at the school when I was approached by one of the Queens to be the “Knight of the Winter Court”. Late in 1980, I was tailing some individuals displaying some suspicious activity. The 3 individuals turned out to be Red Court vampires, and I assisted Jack in killing the vampires. Jack and I (barely) stayed in touch over the years, but a few years back I stumbled upon him and another supernatural fellow (Dana) just after they killed another Red Court sucker. I happened to be working undercover for the Capitol Police, so I cleaned up the scene (and took credit for stopping the rape of a college woman, thou being undercover kept my name and picture from being attached to the report). Recently I saw Jack again at a meeting of the accords in Mount Horeb, where the Fae were discussing the issue of the encroaching Red Court.

Riddick Tooms

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