So It Begins...

Adventures in the Park

Found out the Red Court is selling vamp saliva or a drug based on it to East High School student

After the Football game Vyrm finds a group on the drug and the party uses a traking spell to follow them to a park.

Party fights Red Court vamp and his goons / clients

Cam solves his problems with lightning

First Adventure

This was a place to start our campaign. Cameron Macleod was on patrol on the capital square when he heard a scuffle down an alleyway and went to investigate. Riddick stepped outside the bar next to the alleyway with a young exuberant female and they procedded to start making out at the opposite end of the alleyway. Professor Nathanael Vyrm and Jace happened to be walking past the opposite end of the alley. One Red Court Vampire attacked Jace. One was the woman with Riddick.

Character Creation

Creating characters in the Dresden Files game is a group activity. In games the group had played before we had group character creation nights, but this one actually encouraged finding ways for the PC’s to be interrelated. Having actual game mechanics work with that definitely helped with making characters.


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