So It Begins...

Character Creation

Creating characters in the Dresden Files game is a group activity. In games the group had played before we had group character creation nights, but this one actually encouraged finding ways for the PC’s to be interrelated. Having actual game mechanics work with that definitely helped with making characters.

First Adventure

This was a place to start our campaign. Cameron Macleod was on patrol on the capital square when he heard a scuffle down an alleyway and went to investigate. Riddick stepped outside the bar next to the alleyway with a young exuberant female and they procedded to start making out at the opposite end of the alleyway. Professor Nathanael Vyrm and Jace happened to be walking past the opposite end of the alley. One Red Court Vampire attacked Jace. One was the woman with Riddick.

Adventures in the Park

Found out the Red Court is selling vamp saliva or a drug based on it to East High School student

After the Football game Vyrm finds a group on the drug and the party uses a traking spell to follow them to a park.

Party fights Red Court vamp and his goons / clients

Cam solves his problems with lightning


“Party at Revelations

“The Party Gets Laid” or “There are Pretty Girls and we Do them”


Start off with hitting a modified milestone.

Nathanael Vyrm get an early morning visit from Adam. Lofwyr wants him to “keep an eye out”. No one in the party knows of anything that would attract a dragon’s attention.

Cameron Macleod checks with the little people in town and meets Pip. The little people have his back but don’t know about anything.

After the party meets at the Essen Haus it is decided that Cameron Macleod and Nathanael Vyrm will go to Revelations and speak with the White Court.

The meeting with Allen Devini gos with out indecent, but he knows of nothing ether. Will let the party knows if finds out about any thing. So Cam can once again “take care of his problem.

Cameron Macleod calls up Paddy Maclane for answers. Seems the never never around Madison is getting pretty busy. The Fae may be preparing for war. A faction of Fae outside of the Summer and Winter courts may be pushing them towards war. Maybe an old and forgotten court Spring or Autumn.

With all local options spent Nathanael Vyrm calls Ivan to find out where Lofwyr is now so he can speak with him. The party then takes the ways to Niederhof

A Dragon and a Nixie

Xander McCormick and Nathanael Vyrm climb the mountain to speak with Lofwyr. He seems a little disappointed that we don’t have more information yet. He does however explains to Xander McCormick that he knew his true father and that he will be looking out for him. He also give us a new contact in the courts Perl. A nixie of the Summer Court.

Durring a walk Nathanael Vyrm spots a child that falls into the cold dark water. He jumps in an manages to pull the little girl from the bottom an get her to the shore and breathing again. Police and medics come and take care of the girl. A nice officer gives me a ride home and gives me his card.

Nathanael Vyrm gos back to the bridge that night and makes contact with Perl. She agrees to let him know if if she learns anything of the fae courts.

Cam uses his head

Nathanael Vyrm drives around town for a bit continueing to keep his eyes open. Then gos looking to see where in Madison he maybe able to enter the never never, and finds an opening he can use near the UW power plant. On the other side he find a “dragon’s cave” the mouth of the cave over looks a fairy tale village.

Cameron Macleod is potroling near the terrace and “saves” a girl from two groups approaching her. He flys down on a column of ice driving off the two groups of things in the darkness. After saving the girl she introduces her self as Valerie an emissary of the Greek gods. From Cam’s constant hard on most likely Aphrodite.

Seems that the real olympics are going to be held in the Madison area.

Cameron Macleod and Nathanael Vyrm tell there superiors of the games.

Lofwyr instructs Nathanael Vyrm and Xander McCormick to join the local team.

Cameron Macleod gets a package naming him captain of the local team. Nathanael Vyrm and Xander McCormick join and Vyrm calls Ivan to be coach.

Cameron Macleod gos to Revelations to see if Alexis Devini or Allen Devini want to join up. They agree.

Nathanael Vyrm recruits Perl to the team and Ivan starts coaching Xander McCormick


John Constantine is draw to Madison, and comes to Cameron Macleod shop. He helpfully send him over to Nathanael Vyrm to train with Ivan. Xander McCormick and John Constantine spar with one another until John a little out of it.

Nathanael Vyrm spends the day studying his books on original olimpics and Greek culture and debating.

Cameron Macleod comes over and has a test of wills with Ivan as a warm up for the games.

We all drive down to Willow Island
Vyrm’s jeepCameron Macleod, Nathanael Vyrm, Xander McCormick, Perl, Ivan
Toom’s Mobile Riddick Tooms
Virgin White Viper Alexis Devini, Allen Devini
in the back of a cop car John Constantine

We are invited through a portal to the never never. In the never never we are treated to a view of a Mt. Olympus themed area.

The teams a introduced

  • Madison
  • Werewolf
  • Ghoul
  • Olympians
  • Red court

We all settle in to our Olympic residents, a very posh cave. The “cave” host gets us a pond for Perl, Some virgin serving girls, Food and drink … everything we want except she doesn’t seem to know what cigarettes are so John is out of luck.

Back from Break

After coming back from the Olympics the group takes a much needed breather, in the form of a Major Milestone. Aspects are renamed, powers are looked at, skills are shuffled and the stakes are raised.

Riddick finds himself released from the Madison PD to be taken on with the FBI. Luckily working out of the Chicago field office gives him a long leash to continue working the Madison area.

Xander starts another semester after much fighting with his trouble magnet girlfriend.

Prof Vyrm calls it in as he heads up to the Twin Cities to work on something with Ivan.

John Constantine has been working in the local soup kitchen through the holiday season, getting odd looks from one of the homeless men named Nemo.

Cam’s life seems to be going along normally, which scares everyone in the group.

In case it wasn’t noted before, John has taken over Cam’s vacant room above the book store.

All of this takes a back seat to when after digging through some of the more X-files type case files Riddick reads between the lines and sees something dark and menacing is heading for Madison. He can’t tell specifically what it is but it is slowly making its way there. He tells Cam about it and Cam is able to take a crack at what it could be. Sounds like Mind Mojo. Calling upon Paddy Maclane with a cask of irish whiskey, Cam is able to pry out of him that what is heading this way could possibly be Black Court. Cam shares this info with the group much to everyones dismay. Cam contacts another Warden out towards Wyoming who tells him of how he had to put down a Warlock who had knowledge of mind fuckery way beyond what he should have been able to learn for himself.

The black what is coming

Nathanael Vyrm gets back from the Twin Cities and calls up everyone after getting messages that some thing is coming twords Madison. Everyone comes over and shares what they suspects about Black Court moving across the US from the west coast to the east. We go over how too deal with black court vamps, and what to keep an eye out for.

Cam and John Constantine go over the laws of magic, and whether God may break the 7 law.

Nathanael Vyrm begins to suspect there may be some thing going on on campus. All of his student, and the other profs students are suddenly doing better at school then they ever do. Vyrm ask Xander McCormick to see if the kids are taking any smart drug or something.


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