So It Begins...


Start off with hitting a modified milestone.

Nathanael Vyrm get an early morning visit from Adam. Lofwyr wants him to “keep an eye out”. No one in the party knows of anything that would attract a dragon’s attention.

Cameron Macleod checks with the little people in town and meets Pip. The little people have his back but don’t know about anything.

After the party meets at the Essen Haus it is decided that Cameron Macleod and Nathanael Vyrm will go to Revelations and speak with the White Court.

The meeting with Allen Devini gos with out indecent, but he knows of nothing ether. Will let the party knows if finds out about any thing. So Cam can once again “take care of his problem.

Cameron Macleod calls up Paddy Maclane for answers. Seems the never never around Madison is getting pretty busy. The Fae may be preparing for war. A faction of Fae outside of the Summer and Winter courts may be pushing them towards war. Maybe an old and forgotten court Spring or Autumn.

With all local options spent Nathanael Vyrm calls Ivan to find out where Lofwyr is now so he can speak with him. The party then takes the ways to Niederhof


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