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I would like to tell you a story my grandpa told me. His name was Nathanael Keys. We share the same first name. This story is about Nathanael’s time in Germany during WWII.

He was drafted mid 1943. His first action was during the Italian campaign. Sent with reinforcements just before allies started to push to take Rome. He saw some of his hardest fighting there breaking through the several defensive lines that the Germans had setup to stall the Allies from taking Rome.

After taking Rome, and several friendly Italian girls, he moved on to the mountains of northern Italy. That is where thing took a turn into the bazaar. The war in Europe was starting to wind down. He and his squad was sent to secure a bunker thought to be abandoned.

There where no troops out side of the large doors to the bunker when they arrived. They blew the lock on a personal entrance to the side of the main doors and entered the bunker. They had barely all gotten through the door when all hell broke loose, literally. They were attacked by several SS guards and a man dressed as an SS captain that my grandfather sworn shot purple fire from his hands at them.

When the short but violent battle was was over he was the only one left. He was badly burnt and could barely walk, but he wanted to see what he was going to die for. He made his way to the door to the area that would be behind the large blast doors of the bunker, and that is where he found the dragon.

Huge, Black, with smoke gently curling up out of its great snout. It was a dragon. It was held to the floor of the bunker with chains that looked to be made of silver and marked with catholic and magical symbols. He approach with out fear as only a dieing man could, and as he grew nearer the dragon it opened its great eye.

“You look like you are about to die human”, a voice he heard only in his head said softly.

“Looks like you are in a bit of trouble your self”, Nathanael voice rasped out past teeth clenched in pain.

“Maybe we could help each other”, the soft voice in his head said, “If you free me I can give you the power to heal your wounds.”

“Sure, why not. I am dieing here any way. I accept your offer”, Nathanael said with a bit of a chuckle in his voice.

With the strength he had left Nathanael took a fire ax to the silver chains. Its a good thing the chains where silver, or Nathanael would be dead and the dragon would still be in the bunker. Nathanael collapsed as he swung the ax at the last chain.

According to Army records Nathanael was found wondering 60 miles from the bunker 3 weeks later. He had suffered minor burns, was badly bruised, and his uniform was a mess, but other than that he seemed ok. Nathanael reported that his squad had been attached breaching the bunker by SS soldiers, one armed with a flame thrower, and that he had been knocked out during the fight. He said he had woken up in the woods 4 days before he found his way back to Allied lines.

It was assumed that he had been captured and then abandoned once news of the German surrender reached his captors.

As told by Nathanael Vyrm after many beers one summer night.

Nathanael Vyrm

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