So It Begins...

First Session Back

Started off the session going over some rules differences from DFRPG and Fate Core Dresden. Made sure everyone remembered all the rules pertinent to their own characters particular areas. Once that was all sorted we started off with Bjorn getting a shipment from somewhere in Germany addressed to him with no return address or name. Opening the box was a metal box with no markings save for the BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE stickers all over it. On the bottom there was a mysterious mark that he didn’t recognize. Opening the metal container showed three eggs. Too big for small birds and too oddly shaped for large birds. He had a herpetologist colleague come and take a look but he was at a loss as well. He took a picture and sent it to Vyrm. Vyrm got a visit from Ivan that tasked him with mediating a dispute with some of the troll population north of Mt Horeb. Vyrm gets the message from Bjorn and tells him to go to Cam’s shop and tell Cam to put it in the safe. Bjorn heads to Cam’s bookstore. Cam is working with Emma in the book store when she starts hinting at what she should do after graduating. Putting Cam on the spot for an answer if he wants her to stay with him or move to New York. Right as it is going to get awkward, a well dressed gentleman walks in and asks if he is the proprietor. He introduces himself as Eric Krebs and would like to talk to him and any other co-owners of DADA about a business proposition. He leaves his card and asks if they can meet tonight. After he leaves, Bjorn arrives with his box and says that Vyrm sent him to put this in the safe. Cam calls Vyrm and asks which kind of safe he should put this in. Vyrm says its eggs and he’s not sure what is in them. Cam puts the eggs in a safe and wards it against the safe being opened and throws a couple of magic circles around just to be safe. Vyrm heads to the location in Mt Horeb to meet with the troll delegation. They are angry about an encroaching development in their territory. Epic seems to be building a new yuppie housing complex. Vyrm asks for some form of payment for doing such a task. Trolls drop off a small boulder of quarz shot through with other veins of metal. The trolls give him 5 days to fix this or they will go on a rampage. Vyrm goes back to Madison and picks up Cam for their dinner with Krebs. They meet at Essen Haus and Krebs offers them triple the worth of DADA for the outright sale of the building, IP and property. They tell him they will need 6 days. He says he will need an answer by tomorrow and they tell him that the answer is no then. Krebs doesnt like this and Vyrm gives him crap for trying to buy it outright. Krebs says if they change their mind to call him and storms out. Afterwards they pick up Xander and head over to Vyrms house to look for a book that will explain what the eggs are, calling Bjorn on the way to tell him to meet them over at his house.


madscienceftw madscienceftw

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